Emily and I have had the wonderful opportunity to work together as professionals with pediatric clients. Emily presents with a very calm persona, which children really respond to. Her knowledge and experience show in her ideas and recommendations to families struggling to find answers. I have noticed that she strives to think outside the box and bring new and fun activities for children to focus on their targeted goals.

-Erin H, Speech Language Pathologist

I have been fortunate to collaborate with Emily as a team member. She is extremely knowledgeable and seamlessly blends her expertise in multiple intervention methodologies. She explains how techniques from eastern traditions can augment other intervention strategies as she models and teaches caregivers the techniques. Our team has observed great progress in multiple areas of development since Emily joined our team, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to other families.

-Dylan C, Early Childhood Teacher

I worked with Emily for 2 blocks of approximately 3 months and the improvements I gained to my health, happiness and general wellbeing through doing so were really quite profound. With her mixture of deep, multi-disciplinary knowledge, patience, determination, and above all care for her patient, Emily first found and then helped me to heal sources of pain and stress in my body that had been affecting me for many years. She is very open about discussing her methods and forthcoming with information and I was inspired by how enthused she was by the idea of a healthier me. And I should say that she helped me to understand how to live better and happier, how to be kinder to myself and to others. Emily really loves what she does and that really shines through in her work. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

                                                                -Declan B.

"Emily is an amazing practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and skill. She is very caring and draws off of a range of modalities to support you. I would highly recommend using her services."

-Fraser M.

“I had always had an issue with my sinuses, and had never been able to breathe through my right nostril.  Then, at age 52, I begun to have severe sinus infections.  A scan showed that there was a massive bone growth blocking my right sinus completely, and it did need a surgical intervention, but I was chronically unwell.  I had three severe infections, involving endless anti-biotics, and steroids, yet the infections wouldn’t clear, and at one point, when I had to take a plane ride, the pressure was so severe that I broke an eardrum during the flight.  Emily treated me with several sessions of acupuncture, and the sinus cleared.  I could feel the sinus starting to drain during each acupuncture treatment, and did feel a lot better.  It was the acupuncture that got me well enough, and enabled me to function at work while I was waiting to have the surgery.  Acupuncture seemed to improve my general health also.  Emily is kind, but professional, and explains what she is doing, and why, and her treatment was effective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” 

-Chris B. 

Talk about lucky because I had the good fortune of finding Emily at a time in my life when I was feeling quite ill.  I found Emily to very gifted and competent in her skills as a practitioner combining TCM, acupuncture and herbs but her additional gift of knowing what is right for you. She enabled me to start feeling better really quickly and feeling like my old self again.  One of the first thing’s I noticed was I felt started to feel warmer.  I am generally a very cold person and had suffered from years of hypothyroidism.  It was really encouraging to feel my body warm up and function properly.  On one visit I had eaten some feijoas (fruit) and my digestive system was doing somersaults and was probably one of the worst IBS situations I had ever had from which I usually take a few weeks to recover from.  When I arrived at Emily’s clinic she started to work on my digestion immediately with acupuncture and moxa.  Well driving home I couldn’t’ believe that I had no tummy issues, it was all quiet and calm as if nothing had happened and was the best it had been in a long time. Emily also worked on my Liver and Kidney (meridians) which had been through a particularly hard time with detoxing from mercury poisoning.  I noticed that I started to get up less during the night to use the toilet as my Kidney (system) function improved.  Emily really cares for your wellbeing and health and I will always feel grateful for her time in NZ and her ongoing support whilst overseas. 

-Vanessa V.

I first came to see Emily with severe lower back muscular pain and after just one session with the pain had subsided and it felt much better.  Emily takes a holistic approach to her work and is determined to identify the underlying issues or causes of ill health.   She is very open, patient and motivated to help you move in the right direction,  whatever that may be.  Emily is very passionate about her work and this shines through when you speak to her. I have felt a significant improvement in my health and wellbeing since I first came to see Emily just a couple of months ago, in particular my digestive system is working better, I have reduced anxiety and I am sleeping better.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Emily.

-Amanda K.

I trust and unreservedly recommend Emily, inspiring and empowering me to take control of my overall wellness. Emily’s passion and dedication is admirable and I am very thankful for her genuine desire to help others and I encourage many to seek her advice.

My health has improved beyond my expectations! Thank you Emily ☺

-Madhu N.

I have been a client of Emily’s for about a year now and I can honestly say that Emily is an amazing practitioner with an incredible amount of knowledge.I initially came to Emily for fertility issues,  being incredibly obsessed with getting pregnant and unhealthily so, Emily suggested that wefocus on healing my body first,  I loved this idea, it took the focus off having a baby and I could just focus on getting my body in tip top shape.
I came to Emily with anxiety, leaky gut, inflammation and scar tissue around my sacral area, sciatica,  migraines, thyroid issues, a general feeling of being cold constantly,  having scanty periods, constipation and frequent urination throughout the night, making my sleep terrible.
I loved Emily’s initial direct approach that my healing journey would bea long one, that healing is not a quick process and this will not be a quick fix, I asked her how long, she said “probably a year!”
To be honest I was ready, the idea of really healing myself of these ailments excited and challenged me.  She mentioned that the healing journey is also not pain free. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I will be healing. And she was right. The journey has uncovered so much on every level, I feel better within myselfon every level,  although the journey at times has not been pleasant, the rewards for me have far outweighed the icky stuff one must go through to heal.
Now there is little to no anxiety, better thyroid, way less inflammation of the gut and sacrum, also no sacrum or sciatica pain, much better cycles, regular bowel movements and no getting up 3-4 times a night. The intensity of my migraines has also decreased.
I believe Emily’s holistic approach is what makes her stand out from other practitioners, offering an array of modalities but even more than that Emily truly cares and does not put people into a one size fits all healing regime.
Emily has encouraged and empowered me to take responsibility for my part in the healing process, nothing I have said is tossed aside everything is considered and thought about,  leading to a plan for the session ahead.
Her support coupled with her knowledge,  diverse skill set as a practitioner and her belief that miracles can happen!  makes her one of the best healers I have seen.   Thanks Emily for everything you are truly amazing and we will miss you in NZ!!

-Anita D.

"Emily is a dear friend and a practitioner that I respect a great deal.  I have had the privilege of witnessing her growth over the last several years and have been heartened by the sincerity and depth that she brings to everything she does.   Emily's work is rare in that it brings together a reverence and understanding for both deep physical repair and profound spiritual healing.  It is not common to find a practitioner that holds both ends of the spectrum of human needs so evenly.  While much of what is on offer today focuses on cleansing and rejecting toxicity, Emily's approach is unique in that she really brings the deep human need for nourishment to the fore - be that nutritionally, energetically, and beyond.  This has been something that I have found solace in during my conversations and treatments with her.  As an acupuncturist, she is gentle and effective.  As a nutritional coach, she is soft and devoid of rigidity.  As a bodyworker, she is powerful and humble at the same time.  I know her intimately as a mother to her own children, and in those relationships, as with the relationships with her clients - I see a gentleness and compassion that is so deeply valuable and so greatly needed in the world today. I have referred many of my own clients to Emily, and I continue to do so, because I know they will be safe and treated with the utmost respect.  Thank you for your sweet work in the world Emily."          

-Samar C.

"you are absolutely correct about those massages... There is no other way to explain the near sudden explosion of language we've seen, not just in putting multiple syllables or words together, but in his ability to learn new words so quickly!"

-Dara P, Educator

(Talking about her child)